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A local history lesson
I hadn't been to the museum since high school. Back then I had no appreciation for the history housed at the Manitoba Museum. Come on, it was a field trip -- a chance to get out of class. I will admit I remembered many of the exhibits from my childhood, so at least it stuck with me.
JB chats about the Science Gallery
JB chats about Manitoba Museum
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The Nonsuch. What can I say about this historic boat? I remember playing on it as a kid but as an adult (and entertainment reporter) I also know that Justin Bieber had a private dinner on this ship. Yup, the Biebs had the entire place to himself one night with Selena Gomez and they dined on the boat. True story.

Another fun fact for you is that part of the Manitoba Museum was actually built around the replica ship. Hear the details in the interview we did at the museum.
After our visit to Manitoba Museum we headed downstairs to the Science Gallery -- what I had been calling Touch the Universe, since that's what it was when I was a kid. This is a fun and interactive place where you can be hands on and play. Everything from a Lake Winnipeg exhibit to a race track where you can make your own cars, we had a good time being kids again -- and learning something in the process.